Choose a place to work remotely      

Choosing a place to work remotely: one of the main advantages of being able to work completely remotely is that the choice of the country in which you live depends solely on you. 

In the first instance it gives you the opportunity to live traveling, to be a digital nomad. Sooner or later the most normal thing is to settle somewhere. 

Most choose to stay where their family and loved ones are. There are other factors that can be taken into account when choosing the ideal place to settle:

  • Cost of living: your income does not depend on the country in which you settle, therefore the cheaper the country you choose, the richer you will be. Places such as Switzerland or New York can be the ideal place in many aspects, but it will also be where it costs you the most to save.  
  • Taxes: depending on where you live you can pay some taxes or others. As with the cost of living, the lower your taxes, the more you will have left for yourself. There are 4 countries that have no income tax, which makes them especially attractive: Bermuda, Monaco, Bahamas, United Arab Emirates.
  • Services: depending on your lifestyle and preferences you can choose one site or another. There will be those who prefer big cities, other more isolated or quiet areas, and of course, somewhere in between. Aspects such as the country's infrastructure are key. Good internet and mobile coverage, roads and transport, hospitals, etc. will always be necessary. At least at a minimum level, there may be very beautiful isolated areas, but if the connection does not arrive, it will most likely end up being discarded. Some of those considered emerging countries are the cheapest and very charming. It would also not be surprising if basic aspects for your work such as internet connection are worse, in addition to others such as a school for your children or quality roads to travel. 
  • Security: feeling safe is an essential condition to be happy. The world is full of paradisiacal places that, due to economic or political problems, do not offer the minimum level of security to make it worthwhile to move there. Something similar to the previous point happens, feeling safe is essential. Unfortunately some of the most beautiful places are also the ones with the highest crime rates.  
  • Weather: it is a personal aspect of each one, perhaps the most common is to prevent a warm place without very high variations in temperature. It is no coincidence that many retirees with a certain purchasing power choose to spend their retirement in places like Florida in the case of America or Spain and Italy in the case of Europe. 
  • Entertainment:  if one chooses a country starting from scratch, one of the main ones is a country where there are activities that adapt to your lifestyle. Nature, good food, all kinds of activities, sports, atmosphere to go out.

The future is already here and we can begin to take advantage of its advantages. Why not live in a place where taxes are low, landscapes are paradisiacal, and the cost of living is low? 

You can improve your quality of life without the need to increase your income. 

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