Advantages and disadvantages to be freelance

Whether you prefer to use the name of freelance or freelance, the fact of being self-employed has a wide range of benefits and drawbacks,a priori, the first that come to mind are the libertad de trabajar para ti mismo freedom to work for yourself without need to obey orders as main advantage; and the lack of stability produced by not having a fixed salary at the end of the month and having to find your own clients, the main drawback. 

Although we could also see it in a very different way, just the opposite. This freedom can also be an inconvenience if we do not have our activity fully controlled or if we do not know how to attract new clients on our own. On the other hand, stability may bore us and owning our destiny makes us better professionals, which would turn it into an advantage. 

In the end, like many other things in life, it is a matter of perspective and it is clear that being self-employed is not for everyone,just as it is not for being stabilized in a permanent position. 

Main positive aspects:

You are your own boss, therefore you decide when you work and for whom, in the case of digital services you can also choose from where. You will be the one who sets the price for your services and the one who takes all the benefits. Even if you are very good, you could also choose if you want to earn more money or less depending on the time you want to dedicate to work. Nobody will ask you to put in extra hours, and in the same way they will not deprive you of working more hours if you want to increase your income. 

It will depend on the work of each one, but you would have full freedom when organizing yourself and for example you could choose not to get up early or work from a heavenly place.  

Everything depends solely on you, you command. 

Main negatives:

Everything discussed above sounds very good, but the reality is that the optics can be just the opposite. 

Being your own boss means that you will have to know how to sell yourself and define your own strategy. Even knowing how to do it well, your income will be unstable since it is almost impossible for you to find similar projects every month. In the same way, , you will have to know how to organize yourself, define your schedules and know how to reconcile personal and professional life. 

It is true that all the benefits obtained will be yours but in the case of having problems with the collections, you will also have to solve the problem. 

In addition, you will also have new costs such as those of the workplace, your website, advertising, transportation, etc. 

We can't know which lifestyle best suits you, but what we do know is how we can help you. Because yes, that is our goal, to make offering a professional service as easy as possible for everyone. And of course, free. 


We help you attract customers from our website, we take care of marketing, we will do everything in our power to bring new visitors to the web and therefore to make your profile more visible. 

We eliminate the need for you to have your own website (with all the problems that this can entail, you can see them here). 

We are even developing a system so you don't have to worry about charges and much more. 

At Leindu we believe that you are fully qualified to be your own boss and enjoy all the advantages, while we take care of minimizing the inconveniences.