Is it necessary to have a commercial premises to have a business?

No, it is not necessary to have a commercial premises to have a business. 

Traditionally, the only way to serve customers was in person, since it can be said that there was practically no other option. Later, with the advent of telephones, the possibility of providing support in real time without having to be in the same place began to exist, although it was still necessary to be face to face for certain documents, regulations or simply to be able to see the person you are dealing with. Currently, thanks to the advancement of technologies, almost everyone can contact other people from anywhere in the world with a residual cost, immediately and in real time. 

One of the advantages of having a physical site for your business is that as well as being the site where you carry out your activities, it serves to position yourself as a brand and give visibility. All the city centers have stores in some of their most emblematic buildings and that are recognized by all without these having an additional advertising cost. One of the most exaggerated examples is Zara, a brand that we all know and for which we have probably never seen advertising. 

This argument is entirely reasonable but cannot be applied to all cases. If your company is in a prominent place in the city, it is totally true, but this is not the case in all cases. It may be that your company is in a place where your potential clients do not frequent such as a polygon or that your business does not depend at all on being passing through. On the other hand, having a prominent location has a high cost, renting premises in New York's Time Square or Madrid's Gran Vía is not the same price as in a remote business park.

We can save the cost today by offering services online. Also, by doing so we can serve the whole world, not just our city. If our service is to create a web page or provide financial advice, there is not a big difference between whether we do it to a client from our area or from another country, beyond the possibility of interacting in person. 

As with almost everything in life, there are advantages and disadvantages, but what we believe is quite clear in this case is that in no case is it necessary to have a physical location for the business (there will always be exceptions, such as a surgeon).

It can easily cross our minds how to create a presence or make yourself known. The answer is very easy, online. You can advertise on related websites and forums, social networks or simply use a tool like Google Ads so that every time someone searches for you on Google you are one of the first options. From our Leindu website you can offer services at no cost, we help you attract customers from our website, positioning yourself in a place that is easy to access worldwide and giving visibility. You can sign up here.