How can WhatsApp Business help you?

How WhatsApp Business can help you? WhatsApp is an application, we all know it and use it in our daily lives, but:

What is WhatsApp Business?

It is an application similar to WhatsApp, with the same functionalities but it is designed to meet the needs of small businesses or freelancers. 

Like the normal version, it is free and you do not need any special requirements to start using it. Although it is true that we must choose between one or the other for the same phone number, we cannot have both.

You can download it here or in your usual application store (Apple Store or Google Play).

How is it different from WhatsApp? and how can it help your business?

It can be said that it has the same as the normal version, plus some very useful functionalities for your business. 

  • Business profile: you can provide basic information such as the description of the business, activity of the company (or freelance), address and hours, email and website. All fields are optional.
  • Catalogue: allows you to create a catalogue with the products or services you offer, with images, a description, their price or the purchase link. As in the profile, the fields are optional and in the description you can give all the information you want. 
  • Quick replies: you can save messages that you use regularly to send them the next time they are needed, it is very useful for situations to answer very common questions, give information or as a greeting. 
  • Labels: thanks to labels you have the ability to organize your contacts. For example, a label to save new customers, suppliers, banks and transactions, customers pending payment, etc. 
  • Automated messages: with automated messages you can give instant answers to your customers without having to touch the mobile. It is very useful to quickly reply with a greeting, give information on when you can answer or in case you are absent. 

We consider it to be a very useful tool for any business or freelancer, if you haven't tried it yet we encourage you to do so, in the worst case, it maintains the same functionalities as the WhatsApp version that we all know and you can always return.

From leindu we work every day to help your business, make it as easy as possible to offer your services online and that they can find you from anywhere. Of course free. 

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