Who appears first in the search engine?

All our efforts are focused on making your life easier, therefore, the objective of our search engine is for you to find the professional that best suits your needs. 

Within the filters you have specified, the professionals that appear first will be the ones with the best score from the user community.

How can positions be promoted in the search engine? 

The main way to climb positions is through user scores, although there is also the option that by contacting us we allow the professional to promote themselves. 

In this situation, the word promoted would appear next to the profile, making this promotion known to maintain search quality while the professional strongly gains visibility.

The first to appear in searches may not be solely on the basis of paying for the promotion. The most important thing is to adjust as much as possible to the search and then it will be based on a mix between the rating of previous experiences and the promotion (if there is one).