Personal brand

A brand is the way to identify a product or service, usually commercially. We all recognize that a mobile or a computer is of quality easily when we recognize that it is from Apple or that a car is luxury when seeing that it is a Rolls Royce. 

Brands are what these companies have built around their brand thanks to the daily work of each product, with characteristics, qualities, shapes, the way we perceive them, etc., the last level being to transmit a lifestyle, something that very few brands get but some like the aforementioned Apple and Rolls Royce. 

Just as companies build a brand for their products, we as people can also build each one on ourselves. Some of the personal brands with the most impact are some successful singers or athletes. In the case of Michael Jordan, he has even managed to have a sportswear line known anywhere in the world. Jordan is a legend of basketball and popular culture, but you too can create your “legend”. 

How do I start creating my personal brand? Think of yourself as a company. 

  • First of all, know yourself. It is very difficult to maintain a long-term appearance that does not reflect who you really are, being yourself will be a more bearable journey.
  • Define your goals. Do you want a new job? Sell ​​more? New opportunities? 
  • Once defined, think about what needs to be done to reach them. In the event that you want to be, for example, a youtuber, you should think about your target audience, what type of content you want to create. If your goal was to change industry, think about whether you need to acquire knowledge or skills, how you could access new opportunities, for example meeting people in that sector. 
  • Hop up. Start doing it. Depending on what type of goal you choose, it is normal to feel a little vertigo, you have to jump into the void and get down to work. 
  • Measure your results regularly to see if you are getting closer to your goals. A good way would be to try using both quantitative and qualitative metrics. Be honest with yourself, especially if everything is not going as well as you thought, you should assess whether it is better to continue with that strategy or make changes. One way to evaluate your results if you are an influencer is to see how the number of followers grows.

A personal brand is what people think of us, what they perceive, what they find if they ask for you or Google you, how they recognize you.

Reading this, cases such as singers, actors, youtubers, influencers will probably come to mind, but the truth is that the fact of a personal brand is by no means for the privileged. It is something for everyone, deep down we are all sellers of ourselves, in a more direct way such as that of someone who works as a salesperson or public relations, but it can also be indirectly such as an engineer when designing a product, selling his style, his work and deep down a part of his essence. 

Whatever your profession, you can build a brand around yourself as a professional (in reality it does not have to be related to the workplace) , managing to show an image of quality in your service, seriousness, resolution capacity, immediacy, among many others

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