Online doctor? We tell you what is digital health

Online doctor? You contact that it is digitally healthy; we can define the telemedicine such as the provision of health services remotely and interactively through the use of information technologies and communication between the patient and the professional. 

Due to the continuous advancement of digital technologies, communication between us is becoming easier and of higher quality. The possible applications of use are almost infinite and as it could not be otherwise, in the medical sector it has not been different. 

The idea of ​​telemedicine is almost as old as the telephone, although it has not been until the latter that it has grown exponentially. What's more, we can say that the key moment was the start of the global COVID 19 pandemic. 

The coronavirus has a high risk of contagion, therefore, the vast majority of countries imposed confinements on their citizens. Many services practically forcibly went digital overnight.. Although the medical sector is one of the most difficult to bring to the online world (or at least totally), the collapse of hospitals and the need to be able to care for more patients in less time made its use grow very quickly. Progress makes its way

We have experienced this situation in both the public and private sectors and many of the appointments with our regular doctor have been transferred to the digital field through conventional calls or video calls. 

t's more or less something we all know about but can we put numbers to this? We can. 

In recent years, a large part of the international investment funds have launched investment vehicles dedicated to this specific sector, and it can also be said that it has been a success. The digital medicine sector has been one of the ones that has received the most money since last March 2020 and therefore having invested in it on this date would have been something really profitable as can be seen in the following graph taken from Morningstar: 

Here we see the result as of March 15, 2021, of having invested € 10,000 on March 15, 2020 in 4 of the main international investment funds in this category (made up of companies dedicated to and related to digital medicine). The result would have been a profit of more than € 5,000 in the worst case and almost double the investment in the best. 

Do you mean that this is the subject of large listed companies? 

Of course not (although incidentally, it is a trend that the small investor can take advantage of). Each small consultation can begin to manage it independently or with the help of specialized companies in the sector.

Large companies in the medical sector are developing applications to easily connect the doctor with the patient, usually based on chat and video calls. Today there are ways available to everyone without losing quality thanks to the help of platforms such as Google Meet, WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom, etc. 

What value can Leindu bring to all this? 

We facilitate access to all types of patients to doctors online, with a very detailed filter in which the patient is clear about how the doctor can help him (digitally or in person). Of course without any additional cost. Puedes encontrarlos here.

Regarding telemedicine, we think that it will continue to advance in the coming years and that it will become better and more common on a daily basis thanks to the progress and advancement of new technologies such as robotics or the possibility of seeing ourselves in holograms. On the other hand, today it is difficult to think that it can be a substitute for any consultation in person, but it is useful in some relatively simple cases, as a preliminary phase of the consultation, or an emergency situation due to the speed of contact. In the future it is difficult to imagine that it can completely replace face-to-face treatment, but it is clear that the worst case scenario can improve the speed of action or make the organization of consultations more efficient. 

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