How can we help you?

When we have lived our whole lives in our place of birth, it is likely that we have trusted professionals, known for a long time, who help us solve certain problems, such as an electrician, a lawyer, a private teacher or a physio. In that case, as long as you are satisfied with their service, we do not expect you to change them. But still we believe that we can help you.

You will not always have all the services you need covered. For example, you might want to learn something new, or need help with something you've never faced. It is in those situations that we can offer you great help. It may be the case that due to current circumstances we are considering creating a website for our business, we want to learn a language or sport, or we have received an inheritance and we do not know how to generate a return on that capital. 

Whether we want the service to be developed in person or remotely (a tennis teacher will necessarily be in person, but we can choose if we want to contact a wealth advisor by teleconference (and / or call), or go to see him in person at his office) we help you. Even if you don't know exactly what you need,you can send us an email describing your problem and we will send you several candidates who could help you solve it. 

Another different situation occurs when you are in a new place, in that case, if you need a professional to carry out any task, especially if it is something urgent, we do not have a reference site where to find the professional, we will probably turn to Google, but as isn't a specialized website, the information is very generic and we can hardly see opinions of the service or know an approximate price in advance. On our website you can find someone available to do the task with full information about their service and confidence that we choose the right person, not someone "blindly". There are even certain services that by their nature will always be outside the home. Some relatively common cases such as tourist guides, others more specific if we go to a distant city to buy a second-hand car, a mechanic who can advise us on the condition of the vehicle.

Because any user who has contracted a service can give an assessment and an opinion of it to help potential new clients, the quality of the services in general improves. In the event of several negative reviews, the professional could have a low qualification and receive fewer contacts, therefore, "they are obliged" to always give a good level of quality and of course, not deceive the client. Nor should we think that professionals will feel unprotected against potential abusive clients, our intention is that both parties benefit. 

The improvement when choosing a service can be even greater if you want to hire a service that does not need to be face-to-face. For example, if we want an investment advisor, an SEO specialist or a software developer, we can choose someone from anywhere in the world. It is possible that the software developer that best suits what you are looking for is in India, and that for certain reasons you consider that it can offer high quality at a lower price than someone in your area; this does not mean that you cannot find a professional in your city who is the most suitable. With this we do not pretend that you choose someone from one area or another, we only want to give you the advantage of having the widest possible range to choose from. 

We also want to help you easily make your hobbies profitable. You may be very good at some sport and want to offer classes to beginners; or that you are good at the kitchen and enjoy cooking. You could earn extra money doing something you love and with nothing to lose. You just have to register on our website offering your service, it is totally free. Are you good at playing the guitar? Take out what you have inside.

In conclusion, at Leindu we want to help you choose / offer the best service in the easiest, most transparent and fastest way possible.