If we imagine the future, what is in it?

Imagining the future is something intrinsic to human beings, since time immemorial our ancestors have reflected on what lies ahead, how it will be, what will be and what will not be, what we will keep, even our culture is full of books or movies about it. We are a curious animal and this is something inherent to our DNA that throughout history has generally helped us to be better. 

There are predictions for the future that were real, such as the video call that was the main theme of an advertisement for the Canadian company Seagram Co in the 1940s. Others like roofed cities or covered with a bubble have not yet been carried out and we do not know if they will arrive or if they really make sense. 

These two examples that we have mentioned were released at a time when what was proposed seemed impossible and therefore, it was very difficult to be precise with them. We have been talking about us as an interplanetary species for a long time and advances in this field do not stop happening, although today it is almost impossible to know when and how it will arrive, if it really becomes real. 

Others can be much closer and more tangible, for example in the 90's many entrepreneurs set out to create businesses related to the internet, all of them believed without a doubt that the internet would be the future and it really is. A good part of them achieved their goals, others did not, but it can be said that they were all right to trust in this new technology. 

Nowadays, it seems relatively clear that all cars of the future will be powered in a clean and sustainable way, without knowing when or with what technology, but it seems inevitable from today's perspective.

Of course there will always be skeptics about any possibility in the future and it is probably even the most reasonable position. It is already difficult to know what exactly happened in the past, to know what is happening right now, much less what will happen in 5, 10 or 50 years. 

If today we stop to think what the world will be like in 10 years, in addition to using more sustainable energy, it is easy to think that virtual assistants such as Alexa or Siri will be much more integrated into our lives and that they will help us with the internet of things Possibly the metaverse is becoming more real and more practical. We can also think that it will not be. Cash money seems to have its days numbered, without going into whether we use a cryptocurrency such as bitcoin or a kind of digital euro, but almost all of us are aware of this trend. 

Now I ask a question: is anyone capable of doubting that we will be able to contract services online in the same way that we buy a product today? 

When we want to buy something like sneakers or headphones, on the internet we can find a wide variety of offers, prices, user experiences and detailed information on when they will arrive at home and how we can return them in case of any inconvenience. 

The same is going to happen with the world of services, we have no doubt. It is impossible for us to imagine a future in any other way. We also venture to say that it will not be very far. 

That's where we want to be.

Our goal is to be that future, that anyone can hire an online service with all kinds of guarantees and verified information on what that service will be like, at what cost, previous experiences of other users, and any other detail. 

In the same way, we want to ensure that each worker who wants to work for him can do so efficiently, provide him with a network of contacts and help him get clients. This is our vision, to empower each worker, each person who wants to use their talent to serve others.  

As I said at the beginning, nobody knows what the future holds for us, but we are clear that our idea is going to be there.