Living traveling: Digital nomad

A digital nomad is a person who, thanks to the advantages offered by telecommunications, can afford to live traveling the world without settling in any fixed place for long periods of time. 

Nowadays it is easy to get access to the internet from anywhere in the world, for this reason the need to work in a physical site has been reduced, through the internet we can make calls, send files, talk online and practically the same thing that can be done in an office. 

Coronavirus has caused terrible damage to society, but despite this it has also meant a great technological advance in a good number of aspects. From one day to the next, they stopped working in the offices due to the risk of contagion and all these tasks began to be done remotely. Now working remotely is much more normalized and there are already many workers who value the comfort of working from home. 

This leads to the following reflection: if I can do the same from somewhere else than from the office, why do I have to go every day? And if I don't have to go to the office every day, why should I have to live in that place? Many people have left the city to return to live in the town without leaving their jobs. Instead, others have seen the opportunity to be able to live anywhere in the world, three months traveling through Italy, two in Prague, eight through all of Southeast Asia, five in the Caribbean, and so we could continue for as long as we wanted. Because the possibilities are totally endless, the only requirement is internet access.  

More and more companies allow their workers to work remotely indefinitely, others on the other hand continue to bet on the traditional office model or a hybrid one. Keep in mind that not all jobs are equally adaptable.

If we live traveling from one place to another thanks to technology, we could consider ourselves digital nomads, although until now we have mentioned the situation for an employed person, the idea fits even better in self-employed or freelancer workers, since it would be the higher level of freedom, not having schedules, no boss and being able to move as you please but having a stable job at the same time. 

A job like this is a dream for many people, and it seems to us something more than reasonable, why live a lifetime in a big city being able to travel, enjoy the whole world and be able to spend as much time as we want near our own. 

Despite this , it is not all rosy in the garden, it must be borne in mind that even in the case of being self-employed and giving your service remotely, you will always have to adapt a minimum to the schedules of your clients and you will have to organize your time of I work in a very orderly manner to be able to offer a high quality service and continue to have clients. 

Some jobs have more difficulties to adapt to this lifestyle so if our work does not allow it and we are in love with a life traveling, we would have to ask ourselves what is most important to us and think that life is too short but we have enough opportunities to reinvent ourselves. The best-suited jobs are those related to technology of course, although almost all office jobs do. In addition, it is increasingly common for more traditional jobs such as teaching to have a greater online presence. 

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